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Be Zen is a multidisciplinary holistic wellness center nestled in the heart of Allen, Texas. We use a blend of modern tools and ancient wisdom to help you get back to the basics of being human, and empower you to take a leading role in your own health story. 

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Are you feeling foggy, fluffy, and fatigued?

When you’re in your forties and fifties (and even late thirties), it’s common to feel low energy, struggle with your weight, and experience brain fog. It’s also common to have your doctor wave these symptoms off as “just getting older.”

The truth is that you do not have to feel this way!

Optimal health is not only within your reach, it is your birthright. Whether you are dealing with fatigue, weight gain, migraines, menopause, allergies, GI issues, or chronic pain, you can bring balance to your health, enhance your overall well-being, and start feeling healthier, happier, and more at peace. Your health truly is in your hands, you just need the right tools and support.

Transform your health through a holistic, whole-person approach to wellness that emphasizes prevention, individualization, and mind-body wellness.


Our highly trained practitioners offer a wide range of healing modalities, giving you access to multiple high-quality wellness services in one convenient and comfortable location. By working together and collaborating on your care, we can deliver incredible results that will have you feeling amazing, in control, and ready to take on the world!

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Your health issues are not single-faceted, any more than your life is.

We understand that the current Western medical system leaves a lot to be desired. Many of our clients come to us after feeling dismissed by their physicians, pawned off onto one specialist after another, or pushed toward daily medications with side effects that are almost worse than their symptoms.


Our East meets West approach respects and honors your whole person and your unique needs. No routine, 10-minute appointments here — we take the time to listen to your health story, determine and understand the complex factors contributing to your challenges, and create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your goals and helps you tap into your body’s natural self-healing abilities. Our intention is not only to help you heal today, but to ensure that you will enjoy a healthy and balanced life far into the future!

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Our Services

Areas addressed include:

Allergies & Sensitivities

Women’s Health



Pain Management

Stress and Anxiety

Thyroid and Hormone Balance



Headaches and Migraines

and more.

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